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AS YOU LIKE IT Cast of Characters

Patt Murray, Liz Frank, Miriam Hedges and Eve Greer are our hairstylists* at As You Like It.  Pamela Gearon is our esthetician** (Skincare, nailcare, waxing, makeup).  Sam Murray and Margaret Montie are our massage therapists.  Please feel free to try us all!  We don't get our feelings hurt if you move between us. All services and products are guaranteed.  We want you to be happy!

*Hair Services: All prices listed are the base prices.  There may be an additional service fees if additional time is needed, such as for very thick or very long hair or complicated designs. Consultation and conditioning are complimentary for all hair services.
**Skincare consultations are also complimentary.

Patt Murray- registered barber. B.F.A. Visual arts.  Haircuts: $82, colors: 91, highlights: 164, perms: 144. Appointments: Mon.-Fri. Not accepting new clients,
Trained as a sculptor and artist, I specialize in individualized design enhanced by fine craftsmanship.  Mindful of cutting-edge trends as well as classic styling,  I enjoy involving my clients in the creative process.   I love to inspire my clients at any stage or transition in their lives to express their own personal, self-defining style while helping them feel confidently comfortable in themselves and in the world.
Miriam Hedges- licensed cosmetologist. English/Spanish speaking.  Haircuts: $60, colors: 65, highlights: 120, perms: 103, relaxers: 93.   Currently offering 20% off for new clients. (Up to a $10 value.) Appointments: Mon. & Tues.
My goal is to create a calm, centered, yet playful space in which my clients can feel cared for and encouraged to  explore their own, individual sense of style. I love working with hair textures of all types and specialize in creative, detail oriented, easy-care haircut and color designs.
Liz Frank - licensed cosmetologist. B.A. French.  Haircuts: $60,  color: 65, perms: 103, cap frosts: 80.  Appointments: Tues.-Fri.
Meticulous in all aspects of hair design: cutting, coloring, perming and styling, I also take special care to insure the comfort and relaxation of my clients. Enthusiastic about both classic and trendy styles, I do my best to help my clients feel comfortable experimenting. I enjoy enhancing the positive aspects of my clients' appearance. It is exciting to me when my work helps my clients feel great about how they look.
Eve Greer-  licensed cosmetologist. Service fees and hours by request.

The attention to detail in my cuts, perms and colors is the same that I use in figure sculpture and fabric designs. Keeping your hair in great condition is a main goal. Perms and highlights are my specialty. Natural enzyme activated perms and colors allow me to meet the challenge of performing chemical services on fine, fragile and/or damaged hair. I like simple, straight forward designs and working to create healthy hair.  
Pamela Gearon- licensed cosmetologist, certified esthetician.  Please click the link below  to view Pamela's  skin and nail care service fees.  Appointments: Mon.-Sat.

Click here for Pamela's menu on our Service Menu page.

Although focusing on cleaning and smoothing the body's surfaces through skincare, waxing and nailcare, my approach is holistic. Treatments are designed for each individual's own style and needs. Massage and acupressure treatments are offered along with manicures, pedicures, facials as well as a la carte. I love to embellish and enhance my clients' natural beauty and help them learn to enjoy their own skin.
Sam Murray- licensed  Massage Therapist. MFA Creative Writing.   1 hour session: $130, 1-1/2 hour: 185, 2 hour: 235.  Appointments: Mon.-Fri.  Not accepting new clients.
Using a technique of careful, patient manipulation of specific points of constriction within the muscles, tendons and fascia, I am able to release scar tissue formed though injury or overuse and facilitate full articulated movement in muscles and joints. This method is especially effective in the treatment of sciatica, repetitive stress injuries, post-surgical rehabilitation including joint replacement and back and shoulder surgeries, plantar fascitis, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel and chronic back and neck problems.
Margaret Montie, licensed massage therapist.  Graduate of the Chicago School of Massage Therapy .  1 hour session: $60,  1-1/2 hour: 85.  2 hour: 110. Appointment times vary.

My 40 years of training and experience and careful approach allow me to provide effective, gentle and individually tailored massage sessions.  I believe the world would be a better place if everyone got massages.  As a passive exercise, massage helps clients avoid and overcome injury, maintain health, create body awareness,enhance circulation and maintain a sense of well being.

We guarantee our services and products. We encourage you to contact us if you are not satisfied and we'll make it right!

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