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AS YOU LIKE IT Art Gallery

AS YOU LIKE IT was created 1979 as an alternative store front art gallery for local artists, into which was incorporated a one-chair hair salon.  Our space has grown and evolved, as has our commitment to local art.  Since we began, we’ve featured  continuous, large exhibits of a variety of styles and media, including:  works on paper, painting, collage, quilts, photography, stained glass, wearable art, jewelry, prints and mixed-media.

Gallery hours vary. Please call 847.864.3101 or email ayli@comcast.net

Listed below include our current and some of our past exhibitors at AS YOU LIKE IT Gallery.

As You Like It Gallery-Current exhibit:

"A Revolving Art Show"

Featuring works by:

Juli Litzkow, Judith Nolan,

Mark Hurwich, Gale West

and Patt Murray.

Please click on the images or look in the list below to find links to the artists' websites.

Gale West

Mark Hurwich

Judith Nolan

Current and past exhibitors:

Beth Adler

Ruth Ann Begelman

Litza Bixler

Edna Boksenbaum

Christy Bowman Quilts

Nick Bridge

Bob Canizaro

Doris Clark

George C. Clark

Julie Cowan

Susan Cua

Marjorie Davidson

Melanie Deal

Dick Detzner

Ruth Eckstein

Morrie Farbman

Mary Flack

Larry Geni

Alice George

Jerrold Goldberg

Connie Hays

Chris Heisinger

Scott L. Hatt
Mark Hudson

Mark Hurwich

Ursula Jonas

Niaz Kauser

Greg Keupfer

Maryann Kofoed

Jim Lange

Lea Lazarus

Sam Leopold

Erdmut Lerner

Juli Litzkow

Terri Michaels

Baila Miller

Bobberate Monley

Patt Murray

Carol Neiger

Frederick Nitsch

Kristen Neveu

Judith Nolan

Judi Peman

Stephanie Riger

Sasha Rubel

Jane Sloss

Joe Smigielski

Eric Sorenson

George Spencer

Lisa Statland

 Rhoda Sterling

Gale West

Susan Willis

Amy Woodbury

827 Chicago Avenue Evanston, IL 60202   847.864.3101