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AS YOU LIKE IT Testimonials

Hugs and kisses to all who have been kind enough
to take the time to share what they like about us. 
Here are some of the nice things they've said. 
Thank you!!

Jennifer G Makeup: My favorite foundation was discontinued, and I was searching for a new product. Pamela Gearon, the esthetician, creates makeup on the spot! It's tailored specifically to your skin, and she can add sunblock. I am very happy with the foundations and have received several compliments. She sells a sponge applicator too. I bought one not thinking much of it, but it actually works very well.

Jennifer Miriam is absolutely wonderful!  She immediately made me feel comfortable and welcome.  The space at As you Like It is gorgeous and the music was calming and classy.  I will tell everyone I know to come on over!  Thanks for everything!

Carol R I think my hair looks better than it has in months; I love the color, it's shiny and I feel like me again! Thank you for your professionalism, attention to detail, and follow through; I appreciate how much you cared and the effort you've made to get it right!   Signed Very Happy
Taylor R  Liz-I absolutely love my hair-this is actually the happiest I've ever been with it.

Seth W The salon itself is an oasis of calm.  I come for the haircut, but I stay for the serenity and art that infuses the entire experience.

Anna J  As a corny-90s-shampoo-ad-model might say, my hair has never looked better. Bonus - the salon is so peaceful, with a no-phone policy, good books, revolving art exhibitions and chilled staff, and you'll leave feeling rejuvenated by the space, the service and the conversation. 
Maren R  I had my eyebrows, underarms, and legs waxed.  The esthetician was fast, professional (which means a lot less painful), and very hygienic.  Lovely to talk as well.   In a time period where art, culture and relaxation are so important I can't think of how a working salon and gallery could do it all better.  Great care and thought has been taken to assure that the lighting, acoustics, and general feel of the space as warm and welcoming as the people who work in it.  Details like the communal library, tiny dishes of candy and the thoughtful curation of the gallery itself set this space apart from others.
Janet B  I love this place.  I have worked with Liz (for me haircuts, although she does more), and Pamela (for eyebrows, facials, and manicures). lovely environment, great talent, very pleasant and interesting people who are very kind and generous.  Liz and Pamela even helped me get made up for a big event once after I got hair and nails done! Love the no cellphones rule, the art, the magazines and books. I left for awhile, looking for a less expensive haircut, but I had to come back.  it's a refuge, a beautiful space, and the results are great. 
Rachel C  Thank you so much!  I don’t think I’ve ever had anyone work with me so cooperatively on finding the perfect hairstyle before!  I love it!
Jennifer W highly recommend waxing and nail (manicure/pedicure) services here. I've seen Pamela five times now for waxing. She does an excellent job.  Pamela is quick, efficient, and professional while being totally relaxed.  I've always had good waxing and nails services here and the prices are very reasonable. Sometimes Pamela offers specials which are good deals for multiple services. There is a discount for first time clients. Check the website for details.
Anna K  This salon is surprising in so many ways. From the exterior, curtains hide a lovely interior, which owner Pat has designed to be peaceful and calming. There is a library for guests, a teepee for children to quietly play in, and interesting artwork and decor.

Mirela V.
Miriam did a great job with her consultation and hair styling.  I look forward to coming back to work with Miriam.  I also like the place.  Great atmosphere!

Nancy P I just want you to know that some days after I left you last, I realized I absolutely LOVED my hair for one reason: namely, that you had given me an absolutely beautiful, subtle hair cut or hair shaping.   It was beautiful, and has stayed so.  Thank you so much.

Hi, Miriam!  I am so happy with my haircut! I don't think I'll need anymore trimming either. It's the perfect length! Also I wanted to let you know I blogged about my time at As You Like it and thought I would send the link along to you if you care to see: http://gracefullady.blogspot.com/2012/06/bangs.html

Bill CJust had my second hair-cut with Miriam.  Loved it!!  She actually listens, takes her time and is just very talented.  The salon itself is beautiful and tranquil.  Overall, this is a business that cares for it's clientele.  Highly recommended.
Coriander S  I had a wonderful experience at this salon, just making an appointment on a whim after reading a few of the reviews and taking a look at their website.Now, I'm a modern/classic kind of girl - I've had pink hair and Mohawks in my time (ok like two years ago) but have mellowed bit of late. I have tattoos, but like to look classy and unfussy when it comes to my hair. More recently, I went from a pixie to an asymmetrical inverted bob. At least it was supposed to be inverted, but the woman I've been going to has recently been sorta dropping the ball a bit on my cuts. It happens. So, I decided to try someone new. And I was honestly looking for a bit of a different vibe than the one I'm used to - loud music, hipster staff, etc. I wanted something chill, and someone with some experience under her belt who could really tackle the Sassoon cut I wanted.

When I walked into the salon, i immediately felt about a months worth of stress stay behind me when the door closed. The plants! The books!  It was decorated like my little house I share with my boyfriend by the woods (we just moved out of the city bc STRESS). I was in love already. Liz had one customer whom she clearly knew, and they were chatting comfortably. She greeted me kindly and asked me to make myself at home.

On to the cut. If you know anything about Sassoon cuts, they ain't easy. But Liz knows her stuff.  She looked at my photos, talked to me about what I wanted and within a surprisingly short time, I had exactly the haircut I wanted! And she made sure ofit,too - asking questions and showing me what she was doing. My hair looks perfect, without a bit of product in it. I can imagine what it will look like when I actually style it. Which, let's be honest - I don't do very often- hence wanting the ultra-structured cut! I will definitely be back to see Liz...

Hanah K
I don't generally leave reviews but I am wholeheartedly satisfied with my recent experience at this salon. I got my hair cut by Miriam. What a great experience! I brought in a photograph of the exact cut, style, texture of what I wanted. She sat down with me for about 10 minutes to talk about what I saw in the picture, what my priorities were, what she say, the whole nine yards to make sure we were 100% on the same page. She then brought over a book to talk about what I liked and didn't like in several similar hair styles. She walked me through the differences in my hair and what I wanted and how we could achieve the desired look.  I have hard-to-handle, fine, curly hair and she gave me exactly what I wanted. This is one of the top 5 best hair cuts I have ever had, if not the best (I will know more as it grows out).  Anyway, great haircut at a reasonable price. She offers 20% to first time customers!I will be back!

Anna M I am so happy with my haircut! I don't think I'll need anymore trimming either. It's the perfect length! Also I wanted to let you know I blogged about my time at As You Like it and thought I would send the link along to you if you care to see: http://gracefullady.blogspot.com/2012/06/bangs.html

Kris G.I got some waxing services done here by Pamela, and she did an excellent job! She really got all the little hairs out on my face, and it's been a week already and i still look nice and clean :) usually it only takes 2 or 3 days for hairs to start showing on me again. It was also very nice talking to Pamela - she has been there for years, and was telling me really interesting stories about how the area has changed. That was my first time going there, so i don't know about the other services, but the place itself is really cute and i like that they have art hanging around like a gallery. It is really inexpensive too, which is great for how nice of a job they did.
I have been living in Evanston for 2 years now, and i'm really sad I hadn't found this place sooner! I am moving next week so I won't be nearby anymore, but if i'm ever in the area, I would definitely come back!

S.T. Pamela does an amazing job at affordable prices!

Sue P  I just received yet another compliment about my haircut and color! … I especially appreciate that every haircut Miriam has ever given me has continued to look great right up to the time when I decide  to cut it again.  If you are looking for someone who listens and collaborates with you when you know what you want (likes it when you bring in a picture) or someone who helps you create something chic, carefree, and up-to-date when you don’t know what you want – Miriam is the stylist for you!  When Miriam cuts your hair, you will get lots of attention and it will make you feel brand new.  As if that isn’t enough, Miriam is so much fun to be with that I always find getting my hair done a relaxing, refreshing experience.   I highly recommend her to young and old! 

Felicia I stopped in to describe my husband/friends reactions to my haircut-"Fabulous"!  Thanks!"

Ann Wonderful setting with skilled professionals who make certain that you are satisfied with the wide range of services they offer! Everything from the warm greeting to the great haircut makes this a very special place.

Matt G I've been going to As You Like It to get my hair cuts for the last 15 + years, it is a wonderful place.  In fact, I live in Chicago around the Ukranian Village area and I make the commute up to Evanston just to get my hair cut here.  The atmosphere is comfortable and relaxed.  The service is excellent and my hair cuts have always been great.  They are in touch with contemporary styles and always strive to make sure their work is the best as can be.


Nicole Miriam-I finally made it to St. Louis and just wanted to say thanks again for all your help with the color catastrophe I was having.  I'm still loving my haircut and so happy to be rid of that ugly black/purple shade I had.  I've received many compliments and have passed your names on to anyone who asks.  ...I want to let everyone know what a great experience I had.
Rachel C I came in for a wax (leg, bikini, eyebrow) with Pamela, and had a really great experience.
Pamela was quick and extremely effective in hair removal - she spoke to me about my skin sensitivity, checked the temperature, and allowed me to check areas before she moved on. One of my better waxing experiences in Chicago.  

Sharon B  A few days after my last haircut with you a woman I didn't know stopped me on the street and exclaimed, "OMG!  You are beautiful!  Your hair is perfect!  You look like you just stepped out of a french style magazine."  She made my day and I wanted to make yours by telling you. Thanks!

Laura L The salon is quintessentially Evanston, definitely not a cookie cutter chain!   Often, I come in harried and leave feeling relaxed.

Marsha H As You Like It is my oasis. My haircuts are consistently fabulous - I get so many compliments, I can't count the number of friends and strangers I have referred to her over the years. The music is always perfect, the art gallery changes regularly. And then there's the candy...  I love the exposed brick and high ceilings. And did I mention the candy?  I love As You Like It!

Amanda G  I wanted to let you know that I was very pleased with my experience with Liz in March.  I really appreciated her thoughtfulness as well as listening and suggesting what would work for my hair.  It has been months since I felt great leaving a salon – I was smiling A LOT.  I will be back!

Michele H    I went in a couple of weeks ago to try a cut, and it's probably the best cut I've ever had (husband agreed).  It falls beautifully, even with little styling.   Went back today for highlights and they look fabulous, like I live at the beach.  Could not be happier with my discovery of this salon.

ickey S  As usual, I love my hair.  I appreciate what you do for me so much and As You Like It is such a peaceful, welcoming place.

Liz is my stylist. She approaches my hair with an artistic eye I have really come to trust.  She is not shy about finding out exactly what I have in mind each time, and is always concerned that I like it, not just a little, but a lot!
Emily L As You Like It is a funky, comfortable, relaxing space.  I often walk in there stressed out in the middle of a work day and I always walk out feeling a little more relaxed and peaceful (not to mention more attractive).  Everyone there is very accommodating and genuinely nice and they really care that you leave the salon looking and feeling your best.  
Joe S I enjoyed extended time in your salon and gallery, I realize that your services are ultimately about the soul and restoring the self as it buffeted about in our world.  All of the elements of your space add up to this, yet you somehow avoided all of the cliche's that would push people's buttons in this realm. ...Thank you!  

Steve R As You Like It is a mix of truly amazing customer service, a vintage small business approach, and vibrant artistic surroundings.  It!
Lila J As You Like It is a wonderful salon, and Liz gave me a perfect cut! I have already scheduled waxing for later this week, and am telling all my friends.
Isla E Now that I live further south, I really miss As You Like It. It might be the cutest salon ever. Such a peaceful, homey, gem just north of the bustling city.
They have a library in there where you can borrow books (with great titles!). There is the sweetest little playroom in an alcove where children can play. They display and sell local art. Everyone that I have met there seems to genuinely care about the services they are delivering.  I haven't gotten a haircut there, but I used to go get my eyebrows done all the time. Pamela was great. Very attentive. She also does a nice facial with attention to acupressure points.

Janet G I am not one to spend a whole lot of time fussing in the morning, so having hair cuts that "work" without much attention on my part is a must. Here in Chicago, hair can change pretty dramatically. My stylist designed for me, the weather, my lifestyle.  It is not about a cut that only works in front a stylist's mirror with a blow-drier at the ready. It's about hair that makes you look like your best version as you go about your life.  The salon is an oasis without being a "spa". There is  real art on the walls, candy in dishes, a little nook for small fry to play while their "significant elders" get pampered, and mobiles above the hair-washing sink. And the music is not too loud. World music. Classical. Lovely.

Susana D The atmosphere is relaxing and welcoming, the styling thoughtful and attentive.   As You Like It features interesting decor, a rotating gallery of compelling art, a full range of services. This place is a treasure.

Rebecca A.I have finally found someone who is willing to show me what will actually look good for me and my hair, rather than just capitulate to my uneducated guesses about what I want! Thank you for being an artist!

827 Chicago Avenue  Evanston, IL 60202   847.864.3101