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AS YOU LIKE IT Earth & Health Friendly

Green, green, green….

As You Like It  has been independently owned* and owner operated since 1979.  A family business,  we  are strongly committed to sustainability, our independent business community, a cooperative work environment, individuality, the arts, our neighborhood, all the people that work here and our clients.  We participate in our local merchants organization and regularly offer donations to many local not-for-profits.

We are mindful of our impact on the environment.  Towards that end we use earth friendly cleaning products, offer products in recyclable/reusable containers and use cfl/led ambient lighting throughout. . 
Many of the original building materials for our new location at 827 Chicago were reclaimed  and the majority of our original furnishings and building materials are vintage or antique.  Even books are recirculated in our hand picked lending library.  Use and reuse is our motto!


Mindful, also of the health of our clients, we use green, alternative enzyme processors in our colors and perms;  offer organic hair care products “Earthly Botanicals”; eco friendly manicures, pedicures, body care and facials; sulfate free and paraben free alternatives; and 100% henna natural hair color.  (Of course, absolutely none of our hair or skin care products have been tested on animals.)  Our lighting is natural or full spectrum and our air is constantly filtered.  We truly do offer “a breath of fresh air.”


As You Like It Gallery has shown its commitment to the arts and to the creativity of local, emerging artists by showcasing over 100 large solo and group exhibits, each exhibiting more than 30 pieces.

827 Chicago Avenue Evanston, IL 60202   847.864.3101